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OUTREACH PROGRAME: OFFICE OF DEPUTY SPEAKERThe constitution of South Africa Act 108 of 1996 give birth to institutions like Free state Legislature which mandate all legislatures to play an oversight role over executive, enact laws and subsequently ensure that there is public participation. The institution has a responsibility to adopt and execute programs to the effect that legislatures mandate finds expression on the ground. Thus Free State legislature defines itself as an activist’s legislature, and this places an obligation on the shoulders of the institution to be pro-active in implementation of its mandate including outreach programs anchored on its constitutional mandate. Thus the office of Deputy Speaker resolves on an outreach program.

  1. The program aims to comply with constitutional obligation of ensuring public participation and education in activities of the FSL and governance.
  1. It plans to build a people-centered Legislature that is responsive to the needs of all the people of the Free State.
  2. It intends to improve FSL relations with the community.
  3. It seeks to bring service delivery closer to the people of Free State.
  1. An Increase cooperation and collaboration with key stakeholders and Partners

After identifying education gap in Viljoenskroon, Moqhaka Municipality, that the community still lack knowledge and understanding of what are the functions of the legislature and how they should exploit this institution to their advantage. The office of Deputy Speaker resolved to initiate a program which will empower Viljoenskroon (Moqhaka Municipality) community with information of the role of the Free State Legislature, especially the procedure for reporting issues of concern with regard to governance (Petitioning). The program intends to enhance on the work of the legislature in terms of building long term relations with the community such that they know when to refer matters relating to the work of FSL as in when the need arise. The program is targeting 700 people who should receive community education on the work of the legislature in collaboration with government departments like, Home Affairs, Social Development, COGTAH, SEDA, and FAWU AND SAPS.