Deputy Secretary

The Office of the Deputy Secretary: Procedural Services is responsible for overseeing management and operations of the Directorate: Committees; Hansard; Public Participation; and the Library Services [Knowledge management].
Further, this Office is responsible for compilation of procedural papers and documentation and, also provides advice to the Speaker during sittings of the House, particularly on the Standing Rules and Orders of the Legislature. This office participates in the national Speakers’ Forum and South African Legislatures Secretaries Association. The incumbent in Procedural Services is also the convenor of the National Chief Financial Officers’ Forum – the latter is a forum addressing issues of financial management in all South African legislatures.


Me. D. Tshabalala
Dir: Human Resources

Mr. J. Ndakana
Dir: Public Part. & Education

Mr. L Mogotsi
Dir: Legislation & Oversight

Mr. J. Jezile
Hansard Editor

Adv. J. Machaka
Legal Advisor

Dir: IS Support





Mr.L Mofokeng
Deputy Secretary


Mr. Q. Hugo


Administrations are conceived with the intention of implementing policies of organizations. In this regard, the administration of the Free State Legislature’s remit is to implement political decisions of the highest decision-making body of the Legislature, namely the Rules and Orders Committee.
The Office of the Secretary to Legislature is responsible for overseeing and managing systems of the Legislature to realize objectives as set out by the Rules and Orders Committee. In essence, the administration of the Free State Legislature revolves around key measurable objectives, namely legislation and oversight and public participation. The administration is therefore charged with ensuring that proper administration and financial management is provided; that facilities to Members and political parties are in place; and to also ensure that impeccable parliamentary services are provided namely, to ensure quality legal and procedural services.


Mr. M. Seruoe
Dir. Strategy

Me. I. Prinsloo
Dir. Finance
Mr.M. Marumo
Dir. SCM

Mr.L. Mokone